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Engine, transmission, I/O, OB and generator repair and maintenance discussion forum.

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Joined: Tue Jan 19, 2021 11:51 am
Vessel Info: 1988 wellcraft portofino 43


Postby jlbcic1957 » Tue Jan 19, 2021 12:43 pm

Hello to all! I'm new to the site and not too "Forum Savey." (01/19/2021)
Is there a place on this site to target Portofino owners specifically or am I in the right place to ask the following question?

I am seeking information specific to the Portofino 43 powered with cat 3208 turbo diesel engines..
Specifically, what size prop was on this boat, when shipped from the factory?

I have the 1988 Wellcraft Portofino 43ft. It came from the factory with Caterpillar 3208 turbo diesels. The previous owner was having some performance issue and decided to replaced the original factory "3" blade props with the "4" blade 22"x23p props that are on it now. He told me the "performance issue got worse." He no longer has, and can't recall the size of the original 3 blade props.

The issue: I am presently getting 2200 rpm at WOT and 10 psi of boost. I'm told I should be getting 2800 rpm at WOT and near 20 psi of boost.
Prior to previous owner's information regarding the prop change, The engines (1,000 hrs) had extensive work and evaluation. IE: New Injectors, valve adjustment, timing adjustment, aftercooler cleaning, turbo cartridge inspection, fuel pressure evaluation, governor operation testing, fuel filter replacement, fuel tanks pumped out, etc, etc. All, to no avail.
The latest mechanic suggested checking the props and prop sizing... That's when I called the previous owner to find out he had changed them and this change bogged the engines. Argh!

Soooo, have I reached anyone that may help answer my questions or know of a place I should be looking?
Thanks in advance

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Vessel Info: wellcraft Portofino 4300. complete retrofit of all systems. twin gas 485 h.p. custom motors.


Postby manhattan » Wed Feb 10, 2021 11:48 am

Hello Larry
I am a Portofino owner who has repowered and repropped my 1998 Portofino
I don’t claim to be a prop expert but l can tell you how l chose new props
Vicprop.com has a service where you input all your vessels specs and info and they recommend a prop for you.
Offhand l can tell you have way too much pitch. To increase WOT rpm you must reduce pitch. Here is what l have on my boat but l must tell you that l have gas motors. I have a total of 930 h.p.and 977 ft./lbs torque. Divide by 2 for each side.
I went to vicprop.com put in all my data and they came up with a recommended prop for my Portofino.
I ended up buying Michigan 3 blade props. Dia. 23”. Pitch 20”.
Not sure how all the numbers would work out for Diesel. You will have your h.p. And torque produced at significantly lower r.p.m.
Knowing what you had with the 3 blade props would be a start but obviously the previous owner wasn’t happy wit the performance.
The Portofino is a big heavy boat but you should have enough h.p.and torque to cruise at 22 to 25 m.p.h or ~= to 20 knots.


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