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Kill Switch Current Fault

Posted: Fri May 17, 2019 12:59 pm
by pjaec001
I was out boating around in the bay for about 30min just cruising at 25mph and then all the sudden I am dead in the water as engine cuts out, all gauges functioning properly except the battery voltage (registering 0V) I initially think the kill switch got pulled so I inspect and pull it out then back in and try to crank the motor. It cranks, but no Ignition (no electrical signal to the spark plugs). I then try to bypass the kill switch and jump the wires with a jumper wire and crank again and almost instantly it fries my 22AWG jumper wire (the kill switch wire is like an 18awg) So I decide to try again by simple jumping the leads directly to each other and try again and after 15 seconds of cranking with no engine coughs or running I check the wires and they are HOT! So why is that kill switch circuit getting the excess current? Could my ignition switch be bad and sending the wrong current to the kill switch or could something else in the kill switch circuit be causing the issue?

After about an hour of checking plugs and fuses (didn't replace anything just take apart and put back together) I get the battery meter to start registering again and she starts and runs fine (With the bypassed Switch).

I am scratching my head on how or why this is happening anyone have an idea?