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Dual Battery install on 95 19SX Excel

Posted: Thu May 09, 2019 11:43 am
by pjaec001
I am Putting in a Dual Battery system and have a Question on the Negative battery cables for it.
Here is what I am Thinking of putting forward and am wondering if tis would raise any red flags for any reason?
Proposed Dual Battery Wire Diagram.png

Instead of piggy backing off the current battery's negative cable for the secondary battery, I will run its own negative cable to the Engine(Bell Housing) at a different closer location, then I Will also link them together with a Jumper cable effectively to increase the negative connections to the Engine(Bell Housing).

Additionally is there any need or benefit to Run a negative cable on the Engine (Bell Housing) to anywhere else on this boat like maybe to one or two of the Through hole bolts in the Transom Mount that are below water level?

Anyone see an issue with the positive wires to the tilt/trim?
I wanted it to work even if the battery selector is in the off position or if in position A and that battery is dead.

I already have all the Tinned Cable and Connecters I need, just want to ensure this plan isn't going to cause an unforeseen issue I may be over looking.

Any Electrical Guru's out there care to chime in?

Thanks in Advance